Professional prodcution

Are you looking for a manufacturer for interesting and technical injection moulded plastics products? No need to search any further, with us, you have found the perfect business partner

Our machine pool comprises of 100 ton up to 1500 ton clamping force all standard machine sizes and guaranteed shot weights of up to 8 kg.

Fully automated sampling devices and a skilled workforce maximize our levels of efficiency and ensure quality products at fair prices.
Our Machinepool
1500- 650 to clamping force 500- 270 to clamping force 250- 100 to clamping force
ET 1500 to ET 500 to ET 250 to
Demag 1100 to BMB 480 to BMB 200 to
BMB 1000 to BMB 350 to BMB 150 to
ET 800 to Demag 325 to Demag 100 to
BMB 650 to BMB 270 to  
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