About us – Our guing principles


Our highest priority is to penetrate the national and international markets with durable premium-quality plastic products. You will not find any thin-walled or flimsy one-way articls amongst our products.

Our goal is to guarantee the end-consumer practical and reliable products at fair prices.
Part of our daily routine is the thorough control of all incoming and outgoing goods.

High quality materials and modern injection moulding technology will guarantee premium-quality products for your home and garden.


Economy at Kunststofferzeugnisse Simon not only stands for precisly coordinated processes and high levels of efficiency but also for a responsible use of raw materials and supplies.

The key to our success is the pursuit of high quantities and economic cycle times in conjunction with low scrap rates.

Natural resources are not inexhaustible and it is therefore even more important to develop and market those at a best possible rate.

Customer loyalty

Our customers are the most important factor for success.
In order to guarantee long-lasting satisfying customer loyalties we work hand in hand with your ideas and specifications to find the best possible solutions to suit you.

We not only work together with large well-known discount stores and wholesalers but also with a number of smaller retailers to whom we distribute a wide range of our products.

We are looking forward to meeting you and together rising to new and interesting challenges.

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